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Instructor Overview

Students analyze the data they have collected to answer their question for the unit project. They will also complete a short Self Check.

Students are given class time to work on their projects. Students should use the time to analyze their data, finding the different measures and/or graphing their data. If necessary, students may choose to use the time to collect data. Students also complete a short pre-assessment (Self Check problem).

Key Concepts

Students will look at all of the tools that they have to analyze data. These include:

  • Graphic representations: line plots, box plots, and histograms
  • Measures of center and spread: mean, median, mode, range, and the five-number summary

Students will use these tools to work on their project and to complete an assessment exercise.

Goals and Learning Objectives

  • Complete the project, or progress far enough to complete it outside of class.
  • Review measures of center and spread and the three types of graphs explored in the unit.
  • Check  knowledge of box plots and measures of center and spread.