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Instructor Overview

Students explore how adjusting the bin width or adding, deleting, or moving data values affects a histogram.

Students use the Histogram interactive to explore how the bin width can affect how the data are displayed and interpreted. Students also explore how adjusting the line plot affects the histogram.

Key Concepts

As students learned in the last lesson, a histogram shows data in intervals. It shows how much data is in each bin, but it does not show individual data. In this lesson, students will see that the same histogram can be made with different sets of data. Students will also see that the bin width can greatly affect how the histogram looks.

Goals and Learning Objectives

  • Explore what the shape of the histogram tells us about the data set and how the bin width affects the shape of the histogram.
  • Clarify similarities and differences between histograms and line plots.
  • Compare a line plot and histogram for the same set of data.