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Literacy Access for All Website
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Ensuring Access to the General Curriculum for All Learners provides educators
and other specialists with the strategies, research, and support resources to
effectively design instruction and assessment in a way that provides universal
access across courses, lessons, and learning activities.

Organized in 10 chapters, Ensuring Access to the General Curriculum for All
Learners was created for educators, by educators and is grounded in research
and evidence-based practices. The free, video-based learning series explores
practical, easy-to-use strategies and resources that are designed to ensure ALL
learners have access to the general curriculum.

Many of the videos provide step-by-step guidance on how to prepare learning
environments and materials with ALL learners in mind.

21st Century Skills
Business and Communication
Career and Technical Education
Creativity and Innovation
Education and Training
English Language Arts
Interdisciplinary, Project-based, and Real-World Learning
Language, Grammar, and Vocabulary
Leadership and Responsibility
Life Skills
Social Studies
Speaking and Listening
Writing for Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects
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Lesson Plan
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Unit of Study
OCALI Teaching Diverse Learners Center
Shawna Benson - TDL Center Director
Literacy Access For All
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